We all want to develop grit and resilience in our kids. But how do we do it?

Join Lisa Cornelio as she explains how she was able to prevail over her biggest adversary because of the obstacles she had faced, not despite them.

From her early athletic triumphs as an elite rower to mid-life Ironman triathlons, Cornelio relied heavily on sports to ground and guide her. But it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with an advanced cancer that she recognized how much her athletic pursuits had helped her. Join her as she shares the insights and simple techniques she used to get though a 140.6 mile race – and months of chemotherapy. 

Failure and frustration can be opportunities if handled with patience and curiosity. Adults and kids alike can benefit from a few key changes in mindset and perspective. Learn how to make the most of life’s ups and downs with this engaging family coach and educator.

Hilary Adorno